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DotActiv Pro - Integrated Planogram Software

DotActiv Pro - Integrated Planogram Software

DotActiv Pro - Integrated Planogram Software


Price indicated is per license, per year and includes all setup fees and taxes*

DotActiv Pro* is integrated data-driven planogram software for Microsoft Windows. It includes Planogram Generation, Planogram Reporting, Advanced Retail Analytics, and Database Integration functionality. Finally DotActiv Pro also includes Technical Support and access to DotActiv Academy.

With this category management solution, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough data analysis, build performance-enhancing planograms, and create better in-store shopping experiences for your customers.

Here’s what you get with DotActiv Pro:

  • Planogram Generation: Building a data-driven planogram has never been easier. This category management solution comes with Excel templates which you can populate with your sales and product data, and fixture information before connecting to DotActiv. You can open an existing planogram and update it with data. Moreover, you can use the Highlights tool within the software to bring your data to life.
  • Planogram Reporting: It’s all good and well being able to generate data-driven planograms, but you also need to understand them. For that reason, we’ve built a reporting function into DotActiv Pro. With access to a variety of different reports, you’ll be able to analyse, in detail, what’s happening on your shelf.
  • Advanced Retail Analytics: Understanding your retail data is key to making smarter business decisions. However, it becomes very complicated very quickly if not approached correctly. With our retail analytics capability, you can create your own custom data visualisations and dashboards. Better yet, it’s so easy to complete; you can do it without any help from your IT team.
  • Database Integration: DotActiv Pro comes standard with an integrated database so that you have a seamless flow of data to and from our software, saving you time and improving your accuracy. Our technical support team delivers this database integration service, which comes with a money back guarantee, capped at the total value of your first years' billing of software.
  • Technical Support: Do you have a question about our software that needs answering? We invite you to put our support team to the test. You can also log support tickets from within our software.
  • DotActiv Academy: We have over 20 years of category management experience. Rather than keep it all to ourselves, we want to share this knowledge. That’s where DotActiv Academy comes in. DotActiv Pro comes with access to all 6 DotActiv software mastery courses. Once enrolled, you’re able to complete lessons, write tests, and achieve category management mastery.
*If you buy five or more licenses of DotActiv Pro, we’ll send you a quarterly strategy report on an ongoing basis for free.