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DotActiv Enterprise - Category Management Software

DotActiv Enterprise - Category Management Software

DotActiv Enterprise - Category Management Software


Price indicated is per license, per year and includes all setup fees and taxes*

DotActiv Enterprise* is integrated all-in-one category management software for Microsoft Windows.

It includes Planogram Automation, Planogram Reporting, Advanced Retail Analytics, Database Integration, Store Clustering Management, Localised Assortment Planning, and Data-driven Floor Planning functionalities. Finally, DotActiv Enterprise also includes Technical Support and full access to everything DotActiv Academy has to offer.

With this comprehensive category management solution, you’ll be able to improve the overall performance of your store, meet the product needs (and wants) of your customers, and turn your retail data into actionable insights.

Here’s what you get with DotActiv Enterprise:

  • Planogram Automation: Building planograms manually is time-consuming. Fortunately, with our planogram automation tool, what would previously take half a day to complete now takes mere minutes. That means more time for you to focus on other important aspects of your retail business.
  • Planogram Reporting: It’s all good and well being able to generate data-driven planograms, but you also need to understand them. With access to a variety of best practice planogram reports, you’ll be able to analyse, in detail, what’s happening on your shelves.
  • Advanced Retail Analytics: Understanding your retail data is key to making smarter business decisions. With our retail analytics capability, you can create your own custom data visualisations and dashboards without any help from your IT team.
  • Database Integration: DotActiv Enterprise comes standard with an integrated database so that you have a seamless flow of data to and from your software, saving you time and improving your accuracy. Our technical support team delivers this database integration service, which comes with a money back guarantee, capped at the total value of your first years' billing of software. Learn more about this process here
  • Store Clustering Management: One of the best actions a retailer can take is to conduct a store clustering exercise. That’s because it allows you to personalise your stores by neighbourhood, thus providing a better shopping experience. By managing your store clusters in DotActiv, you can save yourself both time and money.
  • Localised Assortment Planning: It’s not enough to stock a range of products and hope they’ll meet your shoppers’ need. With DotActiv Enterprise you are able to create custom data-driven product assortments that meet local shoppers needs and drive profitability. 
  • Data-driven Floor Planning: If you think stocking the correct range of products is enough to please your customers, you’d be mistaken. It’s only half the battle. You also need to present them in a logical way that makes sense to anyone who walks into your store. In short, you need a floor plan. With DotActiv Enterprise, you can create customised strategic floor plans that draw shoppers through your stores, increase their basket size and help reduce floor congestion during peak hours.
  • Technical Support: When you have a question about your DotActiv software that needs answering we invite you to put our support team to the test. You can also log support tickets directly from within your software.
  • DotActiv Academy access: Enterprise license holders get access to everything DotActiv Academy has to offer. DotActiv Software Mastery Levels 1 to 6 includes data management, cluster management, assortment planning, planogram generation, floor planning and retail analytics. Finally, Enterprise license holders also get access to all other theory courses which are available in DotActiv Academy. 

*If you buy five or more licenses of DotActiv Enterprise, we’ll send you a quarterly strategy report on an ongoing basis for free.