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Shop our selection of specialised retail courses. With our online retail courses, you will benefit from experience and lessons gained from leading retail brands from all corners of the world. Learn advanced merchandising and display techniques as well as an introduction to retail.

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This online course gives learners a thorough introduction to retail with a specific focus on product planning and pricing design. It also covers the main factors involved regarding placement and management of stock including: category contribution, days of supply and space elastic demand. At the end of this course learners do an online test to certify the knowledge gained. Course material can be accessed via our Android or IOS mobile app or through any browser.


Optimal placement of products on your shelves is no longer a nice to have for today's demanding shoppers. In this online course, you will learn the basics of merchandising, best practices for the placement of products on shelves, merchandising equipment, visual merchandising methods and key merchandising principles. Learn from our best lessons with this online course and certification.

  • Retailers of All Sizes Rely on DotActiv

    Retailers of all sizes depend on DotActiv software to drive shelf space performance and improved inventory efficiency.

  • Leading Suppliers Grow Category Sales with DotActiv

    Leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers use DotActiv to add value to their retail customers stores by providing data-driven planograms and category insights.

What Our Customers Say

Clicks Group Limited, Africa's largest Pharmacy Group, went through a formal process of evaluating all of their IT suppliers. DotActiv was rated as their very best performing IT Supplier.

We could not have completed our task ahead of schedule had it not have been for DotActiv's tenacity and attention to the task at hand. DotActiv has displayed professionalism of the highest order and their knowledge and skill set is unquestionable.

Since the initial implementation we have shown a positive growth in Sales and Profitability in our Self-medication Department.

Apart from the bottom line it serves as a very effective tool to offer a consistent offering for your customer as well as supplying the staff with planograms of where and how to pack all the stock. We experienced much less issues with stock not being packed correctly and overall tidiness of this Department.


DotActiv Enterprise is all-in-one integrated category management software for retailers and suppliers. It includes assortment/ range planning, planogram automation, floor planning and retail analytics. Leading retail brands from all corners of the world use DotActiv Enterprise to improve in-store shopping experiences through data-driven space and assortment planning. Enterprise license holders get access to everything DotActiv Academy has to offer.


DotActiv Professional is a great way to get started with data-driven planograms while taking advantage of the power of integration. Since it includes data integration it also includes retail analytics features which enable the creation of custom data visualisations and dashboards. Professional license holders get access to DotActiv Software Mastery Certifications 1 to 6 which are accessed via DotActiv Academy.


DotActiv Lite is data-driven planogram software without integration options and advanced category management features. This package is perfect for beginners who want to get started with planograms. Lite license holders get access to DotActiv Software Mastery Certifications 1 to 6 which are accessed via DotActiv Academy.