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Planogram Software

DotActiv Lite

Building planograms is now easier than ever before

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DotActiv Lite* is data-driven planogram software for Microsoft Windows. Perfect for beginners, this software package includes Planogram Generation and Planogram Reporting functionalities as well as Technical support and access to DotActiv Academy. With this planogram solution in place, you will have the software and training needed to improve shelf inventory replenishment efficiency, reduce out-of-stocks, and maximise the selling potential of your shelf space.

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Building a data-driven planogram has never been simpler. This planogram solution comes with Excel templates, which you can populate with sales and product data, and fixture information. You can use the custom highlights function within the software to highlight your planogram by almost anything. Moreover, you can search for any product and fixture information in the Product and Fixture Library respectively.


It’s all good and well being able to generate data-driven planograms, but you also need to understand them. With DotActiv Lite, you have access to a variety of reports that can help you to analyse, in detail, what’s happening on your shelf. Reports include, amongst others, the Product, Fixture, Shelf, Plano, Stretch and Plano Performance Report.


We are all about providing your team with the support they need to succeed with planogram generation. DotActiv Lite comes with the ability to create and manage support tickets from within DotActiv software. DotActiv also offers 24-hour support, Mondays to Fridays.


To get you up and running with DotActiv software as soon as possible, you’ll get access to the Software Mastery Levels 1 to 6 in DotActiv Academy. Through these courses, you’re able to complete lessons, write tests and achieve category management mastery.

What Our Clients Say

Thank You Jet

With over 600 stores across Africa, we’d like to say thank you to fashion and accessories retailer, Jet, for taking the time to highlight the work we do for them

Thank You Makro

With DotActiv’s planogram software, you are in control. Not only can you customise your planograms to meet shopper expectations. You can also use them to achieve any category strategies you may follow. #testimonial #ThankYouMakro #planograms

Thank You Amka

DotActiv’s planogram software isn’t exclusively for retailers. Suppliers also use DotActiv to gain influence over shelf space by helping retailers grow in-store category performance through planograms