Activ8 – Remote team management software

With Activ8 software, you can understand team productivity and performance from a high level, monitor key staff metrics and set performance thresholds specific to your business.

You can collect time and attendance data, keep track of staff punctuality and complete scheduled store visits.You can create and assign checklists and tasks with specific criteria and deadlines, group tasks into projects with milestones and dependencies.

If you’re a retailer or supplier, you can also communicate completed planograms to your store users and allow staff to send implementation confirmation for reporting purposes.

Specialist Services

Category management consulting & outsourcing.

DotActiv Software (Annual)

Category management software – annual packages.

DotActiv Software (Monthly)

Category management software – monthly packages.

DotActiv Software (Upfront)

Category management software – upfront packages.

Activ8 (Monthly)

Team management software – monthly package.


$ 4

per person per month*

*Free for first four months after sign-up. Thereafter first 20 users free ongoing.

  • Task and Project Management
  • Leave and Expense Management
  • Filing and Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Record Keeping
  • Tram Statistics and Reporting
  • Planogram Communication and Implementation
  • Field Marketing and Store Visit Scheduling
  • Android and iOS Mobile Apps
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