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Does DotActiv’s Help Desk Offer Custom Service Level Agreements?

DotActiv does offer Custom Service Level Agreements. If you require DotActiv support to respond to critical problems in a certain manner and time frame, this can be stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.
Service Level Agreements are discussed during the proposal meeting to ensure a good relationship is formed and that expectations are met.

What Our Clients Say

Thank You Winners

The fact that DotActiv has users of its software in over 60 countries means that it doesn’t matter where you are; if you need a category management solution, we can deliver

Thank You Overland Liquors

Liquor franchise business, Overland Liquors has chosen DotActiv as it’s category management solutions provider. #ThankYou. Visit to find a category management solutions package for your business.

Thank You Pick n Pay

It’s always a good day when the second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa says kind things about your business and the work you do for them.